Vinyl Moon

VINYL MOON Volume 028: Long Intuition

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Detailed gatefold jacket that unfolds to a two-sided poster
Artbook of detailed sketches and additional illustrations
Sketchbook marbled white vinyl
Intro letter
Lyrics & art info insert


A1: 1st Vows - "All I Hear Is Waves"
A2: Instupendo - "Play Palette"
A3: Steven Bamidele - "You Can't Put Out This Fire"
A4: Jacqui Siu - "Fluorescent Lover"
A5: Kloyd - "Balearo"

B1: Dr. Doctor - "Turbulence"
B2: Moods - "Truth ft. Beau Nox"
B3: Girlhood - "Together"
B4: Siobhan Sainte - "Midnight"
B5: Shuhandz & High Flown - "Apex"