Vinyl Moon

VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals

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Gold-foil outer jacket card stock for extra special shine
Scratch-off gold insert to reveal part of the artwork
Marbled pink vinyl
Intro letter
Lyric & Artist info booklet

Full Tracklist:

A1: Doc Robinson - "I'm Not Gone"
A2: Yoke Lore - "World Wings"
A3: Lizzy Land - "Sweet Melodies"
A4: The Outer Vibe - "Sweet to the Rind"
A5: Julietta - "Beach Break"

B1: Ninajirachi - "Pure Luck"
B2: WEIRDO + CO - "Mother of Pearl"
B3: Magic Bronson - "Nervous"
B4: Goldroger - "Unter Nelken"
B5: Nova & The Experience - "Whole Body"