Vinyl Moon

VINYL MOON Volume 023: Metamorphose

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Tip-on gatefold jacket (old style)
Hidden mystery insert
Translucent red vinyl
Intro letter
Lyric & Artist info booklet


A1: Prinze George - "Lights Burn Out"
A2: Erki Pärnoja - "Efterglow"
A3: Lyves - "Free"
A4: Connor Donovan - "Gone Too Long"
A5: The Cancel - "Silence"

B1: The Ghost of Helags - "Under My Skin"
B2: Quiet The Pilot - "Stick Around Some"
B3: Austin Stahl - "Ich Cetera"
B4: Esbie Fonte - "Pools"
B5: moon:and:6 - "Apollo-Soyuz"