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Yeo - Desire Path LP

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The sophomore album from Australian artist Yeo. Released August 18, 2017. The album is pressed on clear 180g vinyl, and it comes gold-foil stamped jacket, art leaflet, and a download card.

Yeo's song "Frost" was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 016Desire Path is the inventive producer at his best, with guest appearances from Asta, Take Your Time, Fractures, and more. Ranging from introspective and melancholy to playful, the album shows remarkable emotional range and is a must-have for your collection.

1. Never Wanted That (ft. Asta)
2. Amy
3. Three Dots (ft. Kira Puru)
4. Be Your Frand
5. Chasing Shadows (ft. Fractures)
6. Leavin'
7. Plug Me In (ft. Oliver White)
8. @snackswithyeo
9. Wannabe (ft. Take Your Time)
10. He Ain't I